SHV CR Rotator for welding

 sheet-rotator CR100

Machine type:

Rotator for welding SHV CR

Model: SHV CR (3-20-50-100)
Delivery time: approx. 3-6 weeks from placing order
Price: EUR
Delivery : EXW 9490 Pandrup Denmark
Machine description:
SHV CR rotators are high quality and low cost solution for welding applications where less variation in diameters exist. Rotators serve for increasing speed and productivity in manual welding as well as minimizing extra processing and crane usage.
Standard features:
• In rotators, polyurethane covered wheels, prevent the vibration during the automatic welding operation and absorb the shocks while loading.
• In case of high temperature and heavy loading, steel wheels are used instead of polyurethane covered wheels.
• Wheels are adjustable for big or small diameters either manually or automatically. This adjustment can be done with tread shaft or manually.
• With remote control operator can turn the rotator clockwise/anticlockwise and adjust the speed as per preference.
 CR rotators table EN