SHV BAP Welding positioner

 BAP welding

Machine type:

Welding positioner SHV BAP

Model: SHV BAP (1-2-3-5-8-10)
Delivery time: approx. 3-6 weeks from placing order
Price: EUR
Delivery : EXW 9490 Pandrup Denmark
Machine description:
The structure of positioner is designed according to turning and front-backward movement of the table.
Positioner consist of frame, motor, table turning system, and front-backward movement systems, electrical cabinet, and remote control unit, and have highest physical protection.
Positioner has to be mounted on the ground in order to carry heavy parts.
There are standard t-slots on rotators as preferences, which enable quick fixing of the part. Table turning and front-backward movement systems are driven with gear transfer systems.
Table turning speed can be adjusted through the remote controller with 5m cable.
Optionally, PLC is applicable to all models.
Technical specifications:
• For beveling, deburring and chamfering in 30-45° angle
• Max beveling – to 4 mm
• Speedy and practical usage
• Low cost and long life due to reversible 4 sides tool tips
• Excellent surface quality
• Minimum friction due to grinded table surfaces
• Easy carrying and adaptation
• Voltage: 220 V
• Power: 0,75 Kw
• Max speed: 2870 min-1
• Table length: 530 mm
• Weight: 40 kg
 BAP table