SHV SV-12x2500 Hydraulic cutting shear swing beam

 Swing beam shear right picture

Machine Description:

SHV SV-12x2500 Hydraulic cutting shear swing beam

Model: SV 12x2500
Year of construction: new
Sheet thickness: 12 mm
Cutting length: 2500 mm
Stock number: 0000
Delivery time: approx. 3-6 weeks from placing order
Warranty: 12 months
Price: EUR
Delivery : EXW 9490 Pandrup Denmark

Technical Data:

Max. cutting thickness: 12 mm
Max. cutting length: 2500 mm
Tensile strength of the material:450 N/mm²
Cutting angle: 1° 48’
Max. distance of back gauge: 800 mm
Stroke of cylinder: 130 mm
Stroke time/min: 18,5 min¹
Distance between two columns: 2750 mm
Blade length: 2600 mm
Working table height: 800 mm
Motor power: 18,5 kW
Motor speed: 1440 r/min
Backgauge motor power: 0,55 kW
Backgauge motor speed: 910 r/min
Pump pressure: 32 Mpa
Length: 3370 mm
Width: 2100 mm
Height: 1790 mm
Weight: 7500 kg


Digital Readout – touch screen for back gauge, cutting length, quantity
Motorized back gauge 1000 mm on ball screws, folding upwards
Clear control panel mounted on movable arm
Hydraulic hold down pistons are arranged close to the cutting edge
Foot switch
Central, manual blade gap adjustment
Cutting line illumination
Broad table with balls
1 square arm 1500 mm with scale, T-slot and tilting cam
3 supporting arms 1000 mm with T-slot
Simple replacement and grinding of the blades
Variable adjustable cutting length for economic processing
Lower blade fourfold turnable
Upper blade double turnable
Balls in table
Light barrier on the back of the machine
Qualified customer support
User manual in English