High Speed Vertical Machining Center
lv500 lv500 01-ot
Assures High Quality Machining
♦  Supported by superior precision P4 class bearings, the spindle provides an  extra wide range of machining
    capacity and high speed.
♦  Floating unclamping system assures tool unclamping force will not transmit to the spindle bearings.
    It provides stable tool clamping and unclamping with the spindle and extends the spindle bearing.
♦  The spindle is a cartridge-type.
♦  Choice of various spindle speeds - Direct-drive 12000 rpm
♦  The circulating oil cooling system on the spindle head prevents thermal expansion and offers the best
    precision machining environment.
Arm Type ATC
♦  The 20-tool arm type magazine is activated by electric motor transmitted by U-cam mechanism, featured
    with the fastest tool change speed and tool selection.
Chips Flushing Noozles
♦  Coolant flushing noozles on rear inner wall of guard prevent jam of chips during operation.
Water Curtain On Spindle
♦  The spindle can be mounted with water curtain device. In conjuction with graphite filtration device
    (separator and filter bag), the machine is ideal for graphite machining. It prevents graphite dust from
    splashing to the working environment which may causes damage to the operators health and circuit
    board in the control box.
Automatic Lubrication System
♦  The lubrication system automatically measures and accurately distributes the oil to the slide ways
    ballscrews and bearings.
Splash Guard
♦  The full enclosed splash guard meets environmental protection and CE requirements. It offers users
    a comfortable working environment.
Control System
♦  The centralized control panel employs a touch sensing screen for user friendly operation. The design
    control panel has an elegant appearance. Various controllers can be choosen by Heidenhain, Fanuc,
    Mitsubishi and Siemens.
   MODEL Unit LV 500 LV500B LV 500D
  Table size mm 570x350 610 x305
  Travel ranges mm 500x350x400 510 x 305 x 305
  Max table load kg 200 200
  Spindle nose mm 30~430 190~495
  T-slot (W x D x N) mm 14x100x3 14 x 100 x 3
  SPINDLE direct-drive built-in direct-drive
  Tool shank - BT40 / DIN40 BT 30
  Spindle inner diameter mm Ø 120 Ø 45 Ø 50
  Spindle center to column mm 350 362
  Spindle speed rpm 10000 24000 10000
  Draw bar force kgf 800 350
  Main motor kW 5.5 3.7 5.5
  Rapid feed rate m/min 32/32/32
  Feed rate m/min 10000
  Mitsubishi kW HF154T (1.5) HF 104 (1.0)
  Fanuc kW β8i / 3000 (1.8)
  Fagor kW FXM 14.20 (1.86)
  Heidenhain kW QSY 96 (1.4)
  Mag type - disk / plate
  Cam type - genova / dual
  Tool selection   absolute / random
  Tool storage capacity (PCs) 10 / 20 12 / 20
  Max. tool diameter mm Ø115 / Ø65 Ø 82 /Ø65
  Max. tool length mm 150 150
  Air requirement kg/cm² 6
  Voltage - 220V, 3Ph, 50/60 Hz
  Power requirement kva 10
  Coolant tank capacity l 170 100
  Machine weight kg 2600 2000
  Floor space (L x W) mm 1950x2130x2155 1700 x 1900 x 2100
  *All specifications and designs are subject to change without prior notice.
♦  Air blast through spindle ♦  Cooling system
♦  Air blast for workpiece ♦  Air gun and water spray gun
♦  Coolant flushing system ♦  MPG handwheel
♦  3 Axes telescopic covers ♦  Heat exchanger
♦  Full splash guard ♦  RS-232 interface
♦  Centralized automatic lubrication system ♦  Spindle oil cooler
♦  Working lamp ♦  Adjusting tool and box
♦  Operation status light ♦  Leveling bolts and pads
♦  Operation and programming manual